Infrastructure Management Service

At VSFITS, we take pride in providing end to end client management services wherein we take care of exchange servers, Linux systems, storage servers and other aspects of IT project management. From the installation of Windows servers to the handling of network issues, desktop management, and asset management, we take complete charge of our client’s technical situation. Depending on the client’s needs we provide both SLA and non-SLA based services for the maintenance of a server or network. Our expertise extends to that of project tracking and allows us to identify, report and control any unwanted discrepancies in the system. We are also highly efficient in people’s management and take pride in smooth operations management achieved through efficient people and vendor management on our part.

IT service management (ITSM)

  • reduce risk
  • Increase competitive advantage
  • Increase agility for new IT services
  • Increasing IT efficiency
  • Increasing business efficiency

Server management

  •  Hardware Management
  •  Software Management
  • Security
  • Backups

Network Management 

  • Network administration
  • Network operation
  • Network maintenance
  • Network provisioning
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Antivirus and Firewall
  • Spam Filtration

IT project management (ITPM)

  • initiation
  •  planning,
  • execution,
  • performance/monitoring,
  • project close

Consulting  Services

With our efficient forecasting techniques, we manage the onsite IT infrastructure including the planning and scheduling of the IT budget of our client organizations.

Our multi-site cross-functional team's tale pride in collaboration of skills in a manner such that every individual team member is inspired to give his very best to the team, partner and stockholder involved in the process.

Depending on the project in hand and its operation strategy, we chalk out a customized business strategy centering around appropriate risk analysis.

Devise detailed reports for specific IT activities of a project and its operation.

Enabling knowledge transfer to the client’s IT support team with all the details pertaining to the project in question.

Setting review meetings with cross-functional IT teams to analyze the project development and review improvement status. The meetings may be daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly in nature.

Our experience in the planning, estimation, risk and change management allows us to come up with appropriate development methodologies that enable us to provide end-to-end support within stipulated deadlines

Chalking down a roadmap for the establishment of IT setup at different project requirements, We take care of everything from the scheduling of activity and procurement of IT materials to negotiation with the OEM and vendors.

At VSFITS, we manage all types of data center activities including planning, designing and implementation of networking and cyber security systems.

We also understand that there may be multiple reasons that act as a hindrance to the smooth running of an application. To tackle such situations, we provide our clients with detailed Business Contingency Plans (BCPs) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DCP) that ensure there is minimal downtime for a said application.

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